Well we finally got some snow so seems like the thing to do is sit inside where its warm and watch it come down.  Thought I would add a picture of a project we got to be a little piece of.  This is a fireplace set made by a local traditional blacksmith named Dennis Shade in Augusta, WV.  He contacted us with a request for a custom broom that he could add into his set.  The finished product was just so beautiful.  It’s always exciting to see how people use our brooms.  Hopefully we will get to work with him again as he continues his creations!!





Can’t say that I am much of a “blogger” but thought I could at least leave a note now and then.  We have snow and ice moving our way tonight and the wind is picking up.  That means cold temperatures are coming and the broom machines are going to show their “old bones”.  When the temperatures drop much below 45 its hard to get the barn warmed up enough to keep the stitcher running.  Takes lots of heat to warm up the grease joints…..kind of like my own knees!!  That means we will be slow on making machined brooms for the next few months.  But we can continue to take orders to be filled ASAP. And we will still be working on our hand woven brooms, just need to warm up our own creaky joints for that!  And plotting and planning what new broom ideas we want to try out for the coming year.  It’s been a great surprise and pleasure to see how this has taken off.  I had no idea when my daughter said “mom I emailed your story to WV Public TV as a follow up to Jim Shaffer’s” that it would ever take off like this.  I owe them a huge thank you for the wonderful job they did.  Thank you to Jim for taking the time to show Steve and myself how to run and care for his machinery and how to make his brooms. Thanks to all of our friends and family who have helped along the way.  And thanks to everyone reading this who is going to or has already bought their first brooms.  Till next time……

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